Our services

We provide advice to our clients on all matters relating to the generation, enforcement, invalidation and exploitation of intellectual property rights. We do so, no matter whether the idea that initiates the entire process is a technical novelty or invention, or whether it is software, an app, a product designation, a logo, a new form or a new design which have to be registered and defended by means of a corresponding property right (such as a patent, utility model, design, trademark, domain name) or have to be covered by competition law or copyright law. We pursue a holistic advice approach that includes even technology management aspects, such as application and exploitation strategies or portfolio management. This enables us for our clients to organise comprehensive advice from a single source and handling for all issues concerning intellectual property.

As a result of the special setting of Liechtenstein as an international finance center, we are familiar with tax issues and the assessment of property rights as well. In this regard, we co-operate closely with the relevant professionals, such as tax experts and trustees. For such mandates, we employ staff members who have an additional background in business administration.

Through our established international network of partner firms, we are able to guarantee worldwide protection. We will also be glad to manage our clients’ property rights portfolios and to take all necessary measures required to preserve the rights.

To the same extent we take on the defensive role in intellectual property law disputes for our clients facing or being threatened with a suit arising from a property right or an infringing property right restricting the freedom of exercise of the client´s right. We do not only pursue or coordinate the client´s case in court proceedings in order to overcome a dispute, but we also guarantee the support or representation in out-of-court proceedings, such as in arbitration proceedings and mediation.

Our clients are companies of all sizes, from international groups to start-ups. With this experience, we are familiar with problems our clients face in their day-to-day business and are able to support them in a manner appropriate to the size of their company.

List of technical special fields

The following technical fields can be handled by our staff, as they have the following academic education:

  • General physics, particularly laser physics and laser technology, optics, sensor technology and image processing;
  • General mechanical engineering and mechanics, particularly machine control systems, production technology and systems engineering, motor vehicle technology and drive engineering, valve and vacuum technology and metrology;
  • General electrical engineering, in particular semiconductor technology, communications technology and mechatronics, electronics, telecommunications;
  • General material engineering and materials technology, in particular, process engineering, physical chemistry, metallurgy, inorganic chemistry, food technology, medical engineering;
  • General computer science and algorithmic and computer-implemented inventions, in particular financial technology, cryptography, programming algorithms and layout planning;
  • General geosciences and geoinformatics as well as surveying and geodesy.